What's wrong with Perodua Mi-vi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Perodua Mi-vi ( yes-yes i know its Myvi ). What's wrong with it? I've never and never ever in my life, fall in love with Mi-vi. never ever..

I kept wondering the main reason,the primary reason that make me hate didn't like this car. First, the price. The price (from my view) is not-so-called-cheap. Starting from the first day of this Mi-vi life, i see no point at all for us to pay some RM50k for this 1.3 cutie-cutie car. i'm no good at cars,loan,quality and everything about cars, but for me, RM50k for this car is unacceptable. You can have another car with bigger engine,bigger space,more comfortable, for this price. But,it's not the main reason why i hate didn't like this car.

The ride? I just spend only 20 minutes of my life driving this car. and that's it. so, it make me disqualified from talking about the ride, quality, comfortable, suspension ..bla bla bla...i'm really no good at this. Obviously, it can't be the reason why i hate didn't like this car.

The car has its own pride,dignity. it being built like that. i can't blame him. leave it alone. let him live free. but ..i think can blame the driver.yes! blame the driver! 

First, i thought it just me that 'concern' with the Mi-Vi's driver, but when i have a conversation with friends, they also 'concern' about it. i don't know what's the problem with some mi-vi's driver. it's reckless, zero morality, driving like hell ...i don't know what word to use. this some Mi-vi's driver just don't know the law. I try to googled it, "myvi driver" ..and yes, the result produce quite a lot of content on the myvi driver aggressive attitude.

I'm not a good driver. That is the fact. But i know how to respect others in the road. It's simple, you need to know when is the right time to drive fast, when is the right time to drive slow. Don't do the so-called-zig-zag on the road (it's annoying). and you must know how to overtake someone. Everybody have their own problems, ego and everything, just keep it out of the driving. This is my view and i don't have a problem with the car (except on price). But i do have a problem with some Mi-vi's driver. They just aggressive on the road. 

I get it, yes! The main reason why i hate didn't like this car. It's the driver!

*Let's keep it simple here, when we are on the road, we just need to respect each other. that's it.


selamberK said...

xsmua drive mivi mcm 2.huhu.


Greeikiwi said...

hahaha that's why tulis 'some' ..
segelintir sahaja ....