Johnny English Reborn + the 'Rolls'

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Johnny English Reborn is one of the great-great-great-Great-GReat-GREat-GREAt-GREAT movie to watch! its really that great! memang berbaloi bayar untuk tengok movie macam ni. even terpaksa pergi 2-3 shopping complex  untuk dapatkan tiket, memang berbaloi. at the end of the movie, semua orang tepuk tangan bersorak

 95% daripada seluruh panggung yang tengok movie ni , mesti puas hati. Guaranteed! another 5% adalah kepada yang terpaksa ikut 'suami' atau 'isteri', tapi di dalam hati, tetap nak tengok cerita bunuh-bunuh, hantu-hantu, ganas-ganas. ini fakta

Rowan Atkinson is well known as car enthusiastic. I dont have the list of his car, but you can refer here. In this movie, he use the Rolls Royce Phantom. This car was built to be "The Ultimate Luxury Car for the 21st Century". Sadly,before they produce it, they decided to tone down the production engine. 

The engine was built to be a 9.0 V16 engine. according to Atkinson, 3 or 4 units of the engine was actually built and they stored it in some place. 

Can you imagine the torque and power of this Rolls? How many horses in there?, if its really exist as a production car, can you calculate how much the owner have to pay the Malaysian Road-tax? 

Take a look at the interview of Rowan Atkinson bt Jeremy Clarkson :


Kelvin said...

I can't link Rowan atkinson with cars lol~ Is it cause of his face? XD

Greeikiwi said...

lol.. he's got really special face.quite surprise when knowing he own a Mclaren F1..