Ism-ism is a boring subject

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I’ve been quite busy this few weeks with works and life. First time in my life auditing a real world company and it was very tough. It’s not the audit process that hard for me, but to understand the system that we use was really take my time. Forget about my works.

Last few weeks, the 2012 budget has been present in parliament. The moment it’s finished, the floodgate for comments and criticism is open. But, I will not talk about the budget. I’m not in the right position to critique and comment the budget. My knowledge is limited to my laziness. I’m going to talk about the ‘capitalism’.

Capitalism is about money. This ‘ism-ism’ thing is a boring subject to us. But it’s not for the subject of ‘money’, ’Dollars’, ’Ringgit Malaysia’ and etc. Almost every single aspect of our life has been infected by this ‘ism-ism’. Every pieces of human being has been affected by the capitalism. We have live in this system for a very long time. And the effect that we can see is now, everything that we do and done is about money, money and money. We have been the slave for money.

Today, I watched a documentary of Food Industries in US. It’s called Food Inc. by Robert Kenner. Either the fact is true or not, I don’t know. But the fact that they showed is really important for us. It makes me think a lot of questions.

Do we eat foods or is it a chemical thing?

Our foods are safe or not?

Where is the food come from?

Do we live in a good life? A healthy one?

…then I think, we are not. For me, foods out there are not healthy anymore. The capitalism has pushed the industries, not in term of food only, but the industries in the whole world, to works for money. The morality and health aspect has been push away too.

Anyway, u guys should watch that documentary. Find it, download it, and watch it. Here the detail, Wikipedia and the imdb. I will tell the story of capitalism in the boring way later. For now, take care and Goodnight .. 

Chris Gardner

Thursday, October 06, 2011


How was your day? Thank you for spend some time to read my blog. I just finished watching video of a great speech by a great man called Chris Gardner. No doubt about it. He’s really a great man.

Who is Chris Gardner?

When I first see the cover or a poster (picture of Will Smith and his son) of a film called ‘the pursuit of happiness’, I thought it was a very slow film, full of drama in it ..i never knew about Chris Gardner and this all things until I ‘accidently’ watch this movie. That was in December 2010 ..It’s 2010! The movie was made in 2006. I’ve loss 4 years of my life not knowing such a great inspiring movie was made

-Start from that, I’ve never missed Will Smith film ..and John Travolta film ..Nicholas Cage film ……and Johnny Depp film-

Back to the main point here, who is Chris Gardner? Chris Gardner is now the CEO of his own stockbrokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co. But before that, he is in struggling life with his son, Chris Jr. Live in a homeless situation, sleep where he can including a public toilet, airport, and subway. He also has to carry all his stuff to work, when he live in a place that was built to the homeless people by a church. If I’m going to list down his entire life here, it will be long. Really long can refer here and here for more of the detail about him.

Why is he such a great man?

For me, Chris Gardner, has inspired us, to be what we want to be and never give up of whatever happened in your life. That’s it ..that is the greatest motivation he gives to us. Everyone has their own dream and ambition. We have to grab whatever opportunity that we had and really try hard for that ..never give up. He live in homeless situation for years, but at the end, he is a successful stock broker. He never went to a college or university but he can end up with millions and billions in his hand.

I’m quite sure that all of us has watch the movie. So here I put the video of him, giving the speech about his life. You have to listen. It’s really inspiring to the owner of the video

busy busy buzzz!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

its been a while since i wrote something here. hope u guys have a very good weekend. quite busy this week with a lot of things to do. got work to settle here, in office. picture tells more down there ..see u guys soon

muka sememeh rambut kusut kaki seluar baju penuh selut.urghh