Gordon's Great Escape

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gordon's Great Escape, one of my favourite series dari Gordon Ramsay. Series ni membawa Gordon Ramsay ke India dan juga Southeast Asia ; Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. Dalam series ni, Gordon Ramsay merantau di bandar-bandar dan juga ke pedalaman kawasan-kawasan dalam sesebuah negara, to find the traditional meals and also the way it cooked. Gordon Ramsay mencari masakan tradisional dan "taste" sesuatu masakan yang melambangkan negara tersebut. He really find and explores the country's culinary tradition. and what really matters is, he's doing it in Malaysia! one of the great episode to watch. It's quite interesting on the way he express what really is the Malaysian Foods is.
Gordon Ramsay

"...and it's quite awkward to be here because I'm struggling my head to get around it. Because I couldn't understand that strong Chinese influence..and then the Indian influence, the Malay ..and then I thought, what is Malaysian cooking then? ..Its the combination of all three, so ..that's what I'm struggling with ..and it took me to the end of the week to come the term of that .."  
"...when you taste it for the first time, wow ...that is extraordinary ..Stay close to your untie (mother) coz that's where the secret lies ..Fuckin amazing .."

You will find really amazing cooking in both series. The first one, Gordon travel ke India. He learn how to cook the real "Beriani Kambing" with the legend chef, the way to cook in a desert. Dia juga travel ke pedalaman India untuk belajar masakan dari orang-orang asli di sana ; using a really weird paste made from "telur kerengga" ..        

But it's more interesting in the second series. You will find he eat a live beating snake heart, snake soup, fried snake bone that really crispy and you will find that he really gross with it! 
..than went to the Cambodia and have a little taste of  fried tarantula and "BBQ frog" ..and lot more interesting stuff he has done in both series. You really need to watch it ...Don't worry, it's on YouTube and in HD format! Feel free to watch it mates.

Have a good day readers! -GK


TSYA'Z (~_^) said...

ang ni memg mint masak2 ka?? untung nye cik uya iteeww...hehe

Greeikiwi said...

ini cita2 aku dulu..tp dah terjebak bidang kira2.nak buat macam mana..hahaha